Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get charged for my Unlimited Car Wash Membership?

Your credit card will be charged every month on the enrollment date. Members enrolling from the 29th to the 31st of the month will be charged every 28th of the month.

What are your hours?

Summer: Mon-Sat: 7am to 9pm, Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Winter: Mon-Sat: 7am to 8pm, Sunday: 9am to 5pm

We are closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. We close early on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and July 4th.

Dino Dash reserves the right to close due to official holidays, weather, or mechanical reasons.

Do you have a Fleet Bulk Discount Program?

Yes, please contact us to discuss special fleet pricing.

Do you use brushes? Are you touchless?

Dino Dash Car Wash’s system is “brushless” and utilizes a combination of soft-cloth and neoprene foam (scuba suit material) in order to be safer on your car’s finish than hand-washing or “touchless” systems that may use harmful chemicals. Fully automated and computerized, the high-quality system is categorized as an exterior conveyor wash. The customer stays in the vehicle while being automatically guided through the open-air tunnel where the vehicle is soaked, soaped, washed, polished, rinsed with spot-free water and blown dry all in a matter of minutes.

Why do I have to clean out my truck bed before going through the wash?

Debris that is left in truck beds can cause damage to your vehicle as well as the car wash equipment if not removed prior to entering the car wash. This debris might either get caught in the cloth or be blown back onto the car and cause scratching to your car or the cars that follow.

I have a bug shield or bike rack, etc. Is it safe?

We have many customers who have after-market products such as these that come through the wash regularly. Having said that, we cannot guarantee that yours will be OK. We only guarantee vehicles and parts that are factory installed and less than 5 years old.

Can Dino Dash wash my vehicle?

We work hard to provide our customers with the best technology available to guarantee a clean, dry and shiny vehicle, along with the peace of mind that their vehicle won’t be harmed in any way. And although we’d love to wash every vehicle, there are some we just can’t.

We use a conveyor system in which the driver’s side tires are guided onto a motorized track, then the car is pushed through the tunnel.

See the image below for vehicle dimension guidelines.

Are my tires too wide?

Tire width must not exceed 13.5 inches.

Is my vehicle too tall?

The height of your vehicle can not exceed 7’4”

Are the vacuums really free?

Yes. The self serve vacuums at Dino Dash Car Wash are always free with the purchase of a car wash.

There is a $2 charge if you would like to use the vacuums without purchasing a car wash.

Unlimited Wash Club Members can always vacuum for free.

How do I cancel my Unlimited Membership?

If you cancel the month to month membership program, you must notify Dino Dash Car Wash five days prior to the billing date, or you will be charged for that month. Your annual membership will also renew automatically, unless it is canceled prior to the anniversary of the date of enrollment. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. To cancel your membership, please fill out and submit the cancellation form on our website (, call us at 435-574-4924 or stop by the car wash.

Why is my car still wet after the dry cycle?

At Dino Dash Car Wash we use powerful dryers or “blowers” at the end of the wash cycle to remove most of the water used to rinse the car in the car wash. There will, however, always be some amount of water left on the car. Because we use a Spot Free Rinse comprised of pure water from our Reverse Osmosis filtration system, any remaining water left on the car will dry within minutes without leaving spots on your car. We also offer free compressed air in the vacuum plaza that may be used to blow off any remaining water on your vehicle.

How does the 48 Hour Rain Guarantee Work?

Our 48 Hour Rain Guarantee means that if it rains within 48 hours of your last visit to the car wash, you can return and receive a free wash. You must retain and submit your receipt to qualify and the Rain Guarantee wash must occur within 48 hours after the original wash. The 48 Hour Rain Guarantee is only offered with the Dino Ultimate and Dino Premium washes.

What is a Clean Car Guarantee?

Our clean car guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with your wash, we will immediately rewash your car at no additional charge. This offer is only valid at the time of your original visit and with your original receipt.

Do you take Credit/Debit Cards for payment?

Dino Dash Car Wash accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and American Express as well as any debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it. We also accept cash but not personal checks.

What is Triple Foam?

Our Triple Foam treatment is three colors of rich foaming polish that enhances the paint’s shine and protection. It contains polymer protection that bonds to the vehicle’s paint and clear coat surface.

What is Volcano Bath, Volcano Shine and Dino Armour Protectant?

Volcano Bath, Volcano Shine, and Dino Armour Protectant are high quality quartz-infused applications. These applications provide the highest level of UV protection, the highest quality of shine, the highest level of water repellency, and the highest drying power. Quartz provides a robust deep shine that lasts for days and actually cures and becomes harder over time. Quartz isn’t removed in the cleaning process, allowing you to build a thick layer through a repeated wash schedule. Quartz is a true hydrophobic coating, making rain fly right off the vehicle and will actually fill in any comweb micro scratches over time. The ceramic-infused products used at our car wash are incredibly fast-acting and are absolutely unrivaled in the industry. The ceramic technology used at Dino Dash provides highly sought after attributes:

  • UV protection
  • Superior gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Complete finish protection
How long does it take to get a car wash?

Unlike car washes typically found at gas stations, Dino Dash Car Wash uses a conveyor that keeps cars moving even if there are a few cars in line. The entire wash cycle lasts no longer than THREE MINUTES and since there is no waiting for the car in front of you to finish, you will rarely spend more than five minutes from the time you pull in to when you are back on your way.

Do you offer a discount on Unlimited Car Wash Memberships for multiple vehicles?

Yes! The first vehicle enrolled will be charged the full retail price of a monthly membership. You may add an additional vehicle to the same plan that the first vehicle is enrolled in for an additional $20/month per vehicle. All vehicles must belong to the same household and all vehicles enrolled on the account will be charged to the same credit card each month. You may add up to 2 additional vehicles to your account.

Can you wash muddy vehicles?

We wash a lot of dirty vehicles. However, we cannot wash vehicles with “caked­ on” mud because the mud can get stuck on the cloth in our tunnel, making it impossible to clean your vehicle and any vehicles behind you. Removing the mud prior to you reaching the cloth would require us to spend a significant amount of time prepping your vehicle, slowing down the wash time for you and any customers behind you. Being an express car wash, customers rely on us to get them in and out quickly. Taking the extra time needed to remove excessive mud is not fair to other customers waiting to enter the car wash tunnel. Additionally, our drainage pits and environmental treatment systems are not designed to process heavy mud. There are strict regulations we must follow to dispose of the mud we remove from your vehicle. It involves hiring a third party to pump out our system and haul off all of the debris to dispose of it properly.

Depending on the amount of mud on your vehicle and how busy we are, we may or may not be able to take the extra time needed to prep your muddy vehicle. You will be asked to pay an additional $5+ for us to remove excessive mud (or ice) from your vehicle. The additional fee is at the discretion of the car wash attendant.

Do you offer Senior or Military discounts?

Yes! We offer Senior (65+) & Military discounts on our wash books – Buy 8 Washes Get 4 FREE! These discounts are not available online. Please stop by the car wash to purchase your discounted wash books today.