Dino Dash Gives Back

   Helping raise money for worthwhile causes
   Highly effective fundraising programs
   Sponsorships & Donations

We are proud to support many organizations and causes in and around Southern Utah. If you would like to partner with Dino Dash in doing good things, please tell us more below.

Is your community group or nonprofit organization looking for an easy, effective fundraising tool?

Dino Dash offers fast, simple and highly effective programs for non-profit groups to raise money.

Sell $25 Gift Cards and earn $10 for each card sold.

  1. Set a Fundraising goal and time period.
  2. Request the number of Gift Cards from Dino Dash that you would like to sell.
  3. Your organization will earn $10 for every $25 gift card sold.
  4. Dino Dash will collect the unsold cards after 30 days and invoice your group for each card that is not returned.

Let Dino Dash host your fundraiser and earn 20% for all vouchers redeemed

  1. Set a date that you would like your fundraiser to take place (you do not need to be present at the car wash)
  2. Before the event: Publicize and encourage your supporters to visit the car wash with a flyer. (We can provide your organization with a digital flyer to distribute to organizational members, family, and friends.)
  3. The day of your fundraiser, customers redeem their flyer with purchase (good for any single wash), and 20% is contributed back to your organization!

Raffle, Auction, Door Prizes

Dino Dash is willing to donate items to be used as prizes or auction items for fundraising events.

Sponsorships & Donations

Dino Dash is a proud sponsor for many local school and community groups. Sponsorships and cash donations are limited to certain 501(c)(3) registered nonprofits.

Please complete the form below to apply for our fundraising programs and to make a sponsorship request

Fundraising Request
Is this organization a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit?
Please attach any flyers provided by your group that explains what the requested funds will be used for (optional).
Maximum upload size: 10.49MB