Unlimited Wash Club

Terms & Conditions

● You will be enrolled in our monthly membership program and your credit card will be billed every month, until it is cancelled by you. Customers will be charged every month on the enrollment date. Members enrolling from the 29th to the 31st of the month will be charged every 28th of the month.
● If you cancel the month to month membership program, you must notify Dino Dash Car Wash five days prior to the billing date, or you will be charged for that month. Your annual membership will also renew automatically, unless it is canceled prior to the anniversary of the date of enrollment. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. To cancel your membership, please fill out and submit the cancellation form on our website (www.DinoDashCarWash.com/cancel) or come in to the car wash and fill out a cancellation form.
● The unlimited club program is per vehicle. You must enroll each vehicle you plan on using. If you are caught using multiple vehicles without notifying Dino Dash Car Wash you will be charged for the washes that were not used on the primary car and your membership will be cancelled.
● The membership is transferable to a new vehicle twice a year, free of charge, after that there is a $10 transfer fee.
● Dino Dash Car Wash can terminate the unlimited program at any time.
● Terms and conditions and car wash operating hours are subject to change without notice.
● Dino Dash Car Wash reserves the right to close due to official holidays, weather, or mechanical reasons.

Multiple Car Discount: The first vehicle enrolled will be charged the full retail price of a monthly membership. You may add an additional vehicle to the same plan that the first vehicle is enrolled in for an additional $20/month per vehicle. All vehicles must belong to the same household and all vehicles enrolled on the account will be charged to one credit card each month. Add up to 2 additional vehicles to your account.